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Robinia pseudoacacia

Black locust, False Acacia

Falsche Akazie, Schein-Akazie, Silberregen - Acacia commun, Robinier, Faux-Acacia - Gewone-, Schijn-, Witte- of Valse Acacia, Robinia

Robinia pseudoacacia Robinia pseudoacacia Robinia pseudoacacia
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Oval 1er tamaño: más de 12 metros de alto Corona semiabierta
Altura: 20 - 25 m
Corona: oval to round, transparent
Corteza y ramas: greyish brown, roughly grooved, twigs olive-green to brown with small thorns
Hoja: imparipinnate, 20 - 30 cm, 9 to 19 leaf segments, 1.5 – 4.5 cm, green
Flores: pendulous clusters up to 15 cm, creamy white, approx. 2 cm, aromatic, June
Frutos: flat, leathery pod, reddish brown, 5 -10 cm long, remains on tree a long time
Aplicación: park tree
Tipo de suelo: places little demands on soil, provided there is good drainage
Resistencia al viento: moderate, particularly in rich soil
Procedencia: eastern and central part of the USA
Area de resistencia a las heladas: 5a
Sinónimo: -

Fast-growing tree with an irregular oval to rounded, transparent crown. Height 20 - 25 m, width approx. 12 - 18 m. The greyish brown bark is rough and deeply grooved. Young twigs are olive-green to brown. The branches bear sharp thorns approx. 3 cm long. The imparipinnate leaves consist of 9 to 19 elliptical, dark bluish green leaf segments that are 1.5 – 4.5 cm in size. Robinia leafs out late and keeps its leaves long into the autumn. The autumn colour is yellow. Compact, pendulous clusters of creamy white, sometimes slightly pink, aromatic flowers appear in June. These are followed by flat, reddish brown, leathery pods with a winged edge that often stay on the tree throughout the entire winter. This tree has shallow roots and grows well in light, calcareous soil. It forms many underground runners.

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