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Fraxinus excelsior

Common ash, European ash

Gemeine Esche, Gewöhnliche Esche - Frêne commun, Grand frêne ou Gaïac des allemands - Gewone Es

Fraxinus excelsior Fraxinus excelsior Fraxinus excelsior Fraxinus excelsior Fraxinus excelsior Fraxinus excelsior
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Redondo/esférico 1er tamaño: más de 12 metros de alto Corona semiabierta
Altura: 25 - 30 (40) m
Corona: wide oval to round
Corteza y ramas: grey-brown bark, regularly and shallowly furrowed
Hoja: odd-pinnate, 7 - 11 (13) leaflets, dark green, 25 - 30 cm
Flores: dioecious, unisexual, inconspicuous panicles, April
Frutos: winged fruit, length 2,5 - 5 cm
Aplicación: landscape planting, wide green verges
Tipo de suelo: moist, rich in nutrients
Resistencia al viento: good
Procedencia: Europe
Area de resistencia a las heladas: 4
Sinónimo: -

Fraxinus excelsior is a well-known tree, native to Europe. Many useful selections have been developed from it. The crown is wide oval to almost round. Height 25 - 30 m, in good soil sometimes 40 m. The odd-pinnate leaf has 4 - 6 pairs and can become 25 - 30 cm. It has a dark green topside and is lighter green underneath. Leaf buds strikingly black. During or just before the leaf appears it has an inconspicuous inflorescence with lateral panicles. On female trees, the flowers are followed by winged fruits, 2,5 - 5 cm long. F. excelsior can be applied for landscape planting, wind breaks and wide green verges. Prefers rich, moist soil. The relatively hard and strong wood is used, among other things, for tool-handles, sports-equipment and ladder-poles/steps.

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