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Davidia involucrata

Pocket-handkerchief tree, Dove Tree, Ghost tree

Taubenbaum - Arbre aux pochettes d'argent, Arbre aux Mouchoirs - Zakdoekenboom, Luierboom, Vaantjesboom

Davidia involucrata Davidia involucrata Davidia involucrata
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Ovoide ancho 1er tamaño: más de 12 metros de alto Corona semiabierta
Altura: 10 - 15 m
Corona: broad ovoid to rounded
Corteza y ramas: light brown to grey-brown
Hoja: heart-shaped to ovoid, fresh dark green, 7 - 14 cm
Flores: small, in purple-brown heads, cream-coloured bracts, May
Frutos: long-stemmed drupe
Aplicación: parks and large gardens
Tipo de suelo: any humid, nutritious soil
Resistencia al viento: good
Procedencia: Western China
Area de resistencia a las heladas: 7a
Sinónimo: -

Large tree that forms an undulating rounded crown later in life. In its natural habitat it grows to up to 20 m in height but in our climate its maximum is 15 m. The crown consists of sturdy branches that turn colour from olive green to yellow-brown. The trunk flakes off in various shades of grey. The leaves are heart-shaped to ovoid and tapered. It differs from the 'Vilmoriniana' variety in that the underside of the leaves is covered in grey hairs. The leaf edge is roughly serrated and the small flowers are in purple heads. The bracts make Davidia in full bloom an impressive sight. The creamy-white bracts hang down on either side of the flower heads. They are dissimilar in shape and size. The largest measure approx. 15 cm. The nut-like fruit hangs singly on long stems. Requires a sheltered site because of the risk of frost damage. You need a decade of patience before being able to enjoy the abundant flowers produced by Davidia involucrata.

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