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Crataegus pedicellata

Crataegus pedicellata
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Redondo/esférico 2o tamaño: entre 6  y 12 metros de alto Corona semiabierta

Crataegus pedicellata (syn. C. coccinea) is a small tree that can attain a height from 5 to 7 m. The round crown is formed by branches that spread wide or ascend at an angle. They are heavily thorned. The leaves are ovoid, 5 to 10 cm in length and have a serrated edge. In the autumn the leaves turn violet. In May the loose flower umbels appear with whitish-pink florets. Small, pear-shaped, glossy red fruits follow in the autumn. It does not stand up to wet soil. For parks and gardens. Winter hardiness zone: 5a

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