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Cornus nuttallii

Western dogwood, Pacific dogwood, Mountain dogwood

Nuttalls Blumen-Hartriegel - Cornouiller de Nuttall - Grootbloemige kornoelje

Cornus nuttallii Cornus nuttallii
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Redondo/esférico 2o tamaño: entre 6  y 12 metros de alto Corona semiabierta
Altura: 6 - 8 m
Corona: round, sometimes conical
Corteza y ramas: red brown to grey, flaking in small plates
Hoja: wide ovate to oval, green, 6 - 12 cm
Flores: green yellow in heads, inconspicuous, bracts white, May
Frutos: ovate berry-like stone fruits, Ø 1 cm, bright red
Aplicación: gardens and parks
Tipo de suelo: soil rich in humus content and moisture-retentive
Resistencia al viento: moderate
Procedencia: western part of North America
Area de resistencia a las heladas: 7a
Sinónimo: -

Large upright shrub that is also grown as a tree. It has an upright habit and becomes less wide than other Cornus species. Young twigs are green but turn to brown red rapidly. Mature trunks have a red brown to grey colour. The green leaf turns yellow to orange red in autumn. The flowers are inconspicuous. However, each head with flowers has 6 (sometimes 4 or 8) ovate, pointed bracts. These turn from creamy white to uniformly white with, sometimes, a pink hue. They can get more than 10 cm big. This makes the plant in full bloom very decorative. The circa 1 cm large, orange red fruits appear in early autumn. The plant is shallow-rooting with a delicate root system and requires shielding from a cold east wind. Cornus nuttallii is named after Thomas Nuttall who carried out research and wrote publications on the flora of North America in the early 19th century.

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