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Cornus mas

Cornus mas 'Variegata' Cornus mas 'Variegata'
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Redondo/esférico 3er tamaño: menor de 6 metros de alto Corona oscura y densa
Altura: 5 - 6 m
Corona: wide ovoid to round
Corteza y ramas: grey-brown, slightly peeling, young twigs red-green
Hoja: oval to ovate, variegated, 5 - 10 cm
Flores: in small umbels, light yellow, February/March
Frutos: glossy red berry-like stone-fruit, edible
Aplicación: park tree, gardens and green verges
Tipo de suelo: preferably calcareous
Resistencia al viento: very good
Procedencia: unknown
Area de resistencia a las heladas: 5a
Sinónimo: -

Variegated cultivar of the yellow dogwood. Large shrub that grows into a multipe-stemmed, small tree with a dense, almost round crown. Slow grower. Becomes as wide as it is high. Mature stems are grey brown and flaking. The margins of the green leaf are irregularly cream-white tinted. In autumn the entire leaf turns yellow to orange red. It flowers strikingly in winter, well before the leaves appear. The plant is covered completely then by yellow flowers which appear in small, domed umbels. In the early autumn they are followed by oval, glossy red berry-like stone-fruits that contrast beautifully with the variegated leaf. They hang down from short stalks and are edible, but taste slightly acid. Useful for marmelade, juice and wine-making. Root growth is densely branched and shallow. Prefers calcareous soils.

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