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Cladrastis kentukea


Gelbholz - Virgilier jaune - Geelhout

Cladrastis kentukea Cladrastis kentukea Cladrastis kentukea
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Esférico plano 2o tamaño: entre 6  y 12 metros de alto Corona semiabierta
Altura: 8 - 10 (15) m
Corona: flat globular
Corteza y ramas: grey brown, smooth
Hoja: odd-pinnate, fresh green, overall leaf 20 - 30 cm long
Flores: white in loose, pendulous panicles, late May/June
Frutos: flat pod, 8 - 12 cm
Aplicación: park tree, solitary
Tipo de suelo: clay and sandy soils
Resistencia al viento: good, when mature more susceptible
Procedencia: south-eastern part of North America
Area de resistencia a las heladas: 4
Sinónimo: C. lutea

A low branching tree with a wide, round crown that is rarely seen here. Is also sometimes grown as multiple-stemmed shrub. The trunk is grey brown and smooth, when mature shallow grooves may appear. The wood is strikingly yellow, especially when freshly sawn. The large, compound leaf consists of 7 to 9 ovoid to ovate leaflets, which are each 8 - 14 cm large. The separate leaflets are not opposite on the central stalk. They turn strikingly yellow in autumn. The loose, pendulous panicles with fragrant, white flowers are circa 25 cm long. In late summer the pods appear that turn from green through brown to purplish brown. Cladrastis kentukea has a big, fleshy root system and thrives best in a sunny, warm location but its hardiness is good. Damage to the young twigs of Cladrastis kentukea reveals yellow wood. The tree forms a characteristic trunk when older.

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