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Celtis australis

Hackberry, Southern nettle tree

Südlicher Zürgelbaum, Europäischer Zürgelbaum - Micocoulier d'Europe, Micocoulier austral, Falabreguier - Oosterse netelboom, Europese netelboom

Celtis australis Celtis australis
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Redondo/esférico 1er tamaño: más de 12 metros de alto Corona semiabierta
Altura: 10 - 15 (20) m
Corona: round to umbel-shaped
Corteza y ramas: grey, smooth, later peeling
Hoja: ovate-lanceolate to ovoid, dark green, 9 - 15 cm
Flores: inconspicuous, green, April/May
Frutos: round stone fruit, black red, Ø circa 1 cm
Aplicación: avenue and street tree
Tipo de suelo: well-drained soil, tolerates drought
Resistencia al viento: slightly susceptible
Procedencia: South Europe, North Africa, West Africa
Area de resistencia a las heladas: 6b
Sinónimo: -

A seldom used tree with a round to umbel-shaped crown. Mature specimen may attain a height of over 20 m, the tree grows with gracefully hanging branches. The bark is grey and smooth, when maturing peeling in small plates. The ovate-lanceolate to ovoid leaf is sharply toothed and with a very long twisted point. The topside is dark green, the underside is grey green. The leaf is rough to the touch on both sides. After an inconspicuous inflorescence the berry-like stone fruits appear. They are dark red to almost black and taste sweet. They hang down from circa 2 cm long, pilose stalks. The wood is useful and the young, flexible twigs were once used for whips, hence its name “whip tree”. A graceful tree that is little susceptible to air pollution. Young twigs can be damaged by frosts.

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