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Betula pendula

Swedisch birch

Ornäs-Birke, Schlitzblättrige Birke

Betula pendula 'Crispa'
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Oval 2o tamaño: entre 6  y 12 metros de alto Corona ligera, abierta

Tree with upright oval crown, formed by a more or less straight, upright trunk. Diagonally upright growing branches with strongly pendulous twigs. The bark is white and peels sightly. Mature trunks get coarse at the base with deep fissures and turn dark to nearly black green. Twigs are red brown and have warty lenticels. The leaf is deeply cut with few lobes, the leaf top is linear acuminate and the leaf margin is toothed irregularly. The autumn colour is yellow to yellow brown. Hillocks, soil compaction and variable water levels have a negative influence on the health of this birch. The tree is shallow rooting. Does not withstand sea wind well. Winter hardiness zone: 2

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