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Aesculus neglecta

Aesculus neglecta 'Erythroblastos'
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Redondo/esférico 3er tamaño: menor de 6 metros de alto Corona oscura y densa
Altura: 4 - 5 m
Corona: globular
Corteza y ramas: smooth bark, grey twigs, non-sticky buds
Hoja: 5 leaflets, young leaf pink, later bright green, 10 -15 cm
Flores: panicles, yellow, at the base red veins, May/June
Frutos: round, smooth, Ø 2.5 cm
Aplicación: solitary, small gardens
Tipo de suelo: all
Resistencia al viento: in spring little, later better
Procedencia: Späth Baumschulen, Berlin, Germany
Area de resistencia a las heladas: 6
Sinónimo: -

Usually grown as a shrub with multiple trunks, but sometimes also as a small tree, grafted on a rootstock. The trunk is smooth and grey and also the thin twigs are grey-coloured. The twigs have pointed, non-sticky buds. The leaf has 5 leaflets. The separate leaflets are reverse ovate to linear, the leaf margin is delicately toothed. The young leaf unfolds with a strikingly light pink colour. Later in the season it colours through light yellow to green. The underside is light green and the leaf stalk is carmine-coloured. It forms flower panicles of circa 15 cm in length with separate flowers that are yellow and have red veins at the base. Hardiness is good, but young outgrowth can be damaged by a late night frost. It is to be recommended to give it a sheltered location. Suitable for use as a solitary and in small gardens. Intolerant to hard surfaces.

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