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Aesculus hippocastanum

Gefülltblühende Roßkastanie - Marronnier blanc à fleurs doubles - Dubbelbloemige paardenkastanje

Aesculus hippocastanum 'Baumannii'
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Redondo/esférico 1er tamaño: más de 12 metros de alto Corona oscura y densa
Altura: 20 - 25 m
Corona: spherical
Corteza y ramas: thin, brown and smooth bark, sticky buds
Hoja: palmately, 5/7 leaflets, dark green, 15 - 20 cm
Flores: double, white with a tinge of red, in panicles, May/June
Frutos: none, sterile variety
Aplicación: solitary, wide avenues and streets
Tipo de suelo: few requirements, tolerates hard surfaces, but no asphalt
Resistencia al viento: moderate
Procedencia: A. N. Baumann, Bollwiller, France, 1822
Area de resistencia a las heladas: 4
Sinónimo: A. hippocastanum Plena

A known, double-flowered cultivar with a nicely shaped, spreading and dense crown and a short and sturdy trunk. Very dense casting a dark shade. Does not grow as big as the species. Height up to 25 m, spread up to 15 m. Main branches almost grow horizontally and have pendulous twigs with upright tips. The opposite leaves can become 20 cm across. In autumn they turn to yellow brown. The double-flowered, sterile inflorescence is large and profuse. The tree shows white, shorter and more compact panicles than A. hippocastanum. Inflorescence is longer than of the species. 'Baumannii' is a sterile variety without fruits. This makes the tree very suitable for use in streets and avenues. The tree requires pruning for vehicular or pedestrian clearance due to its horizontal branching. Has a deep going main root. Susceptible to deicing-salt (for icy roads).

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