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Acer rubrum
'Autum Flame'

Acer rubrum  'Autum Flame'
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American selection reaching a height of circa 10 m. Densely branching, with a wide egg-shaped crown. Requires a lot of space. Young twigs have a distinctive red-brown colour. The leaf stalk of the circa 8 cm palmate leaf is also red-brown. The leaf is middle green, the underside is blue-green. The autumn colour is orange-red to dark red. The leaf remains on the tree longer than of other cultivars. 'Autumn Flame' is a sterile specimen without flowers or fruits. The bulky main root has many fibrous root branches. In lime soil the growth stunts. In this soil, and also when it is too dry, there will be no colouring in autumn. Poor (sea) wind resistance. Winter hardiness zone: 4

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