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Acer campestre

Field maple

Feld-Ahorn, Maßholder - Érable champêtre - Spaanse aak, Veldesdoorn

Acer campestre Acer campestre
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Oval 2o tamaño: entre 6  y 12 metros de alto Corona oscura y densa
Altura: circa 12 m
Corona: oval
Corteza y ramas: grey bark with conspicuous corky fissures
Hoja: 3/5 lobes, dark green, 6 - 10 (12)cm
Flores: small, terminal corymbs, yellow-green, May
Frutos: single-seed winged nutlets, always paired
Aplicación: parks, wide avenues and streets, industrial areas
Tipo de suelo: any soil, except dry infertile sandy soil
Resistencia al viento: very good
Procedencia: Europe, western Asia and North Africa
Area de resistencia a las heladas: 5a
Sinónimo: -

A medium sized tree up to 12 m high. The crown is a-symmetric because of the irregular growth of the branches. The branches have conspicuous corky fissures, both on mature and young wood. Juvenile foliage may have a reddish look when it unfurls, but soon turns dark green. The colour in autumn is dark yellow and last for a long time. In the Netherlands Acer campestre is indigenous and has been used by man for a very long time. Not only as a tree, but also pruned as a hedge this plant is very functional. Because of its shade-tolerance and ability to grow on industrial estates it is a very multi-functional plant. Forms a strongly branching main root with very many rootlets. The plant is propagated by seeding and therefore variations in the off-spring can occur. This is visible because some features (autumn colour, corky fissures on the branches) are present to a more or lesser extent. Acer campestre is often used in hedges since it stands up exceptionally well to pruning. But pruning should never be done in the spring because the tree's sap rises early.

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